• The Rules

    Community Rules

    The most important rule to keep in mind is that we are all here to share, learn, teach, and simply to enjoy ourselves.

    Therefore, The Golden Rule applies: "One should treat others as one would like to be treated by others." This goes for how we critique others' images, how we agree/disagree on methods, etc. If we all follow the above basic Ethic of Reciprocity, then all will be peaceful in the valley. For the most part, since we all enjoy the beauty and diversity of nature, this should not be a problem. Each one of us should just naturally enjoy each other's contributions and unique perspectives on the so many different subjects that abound when trying to photograph wildlife.

    Occasionally, any one of us can slip, and if that happens we will send you a courteous reminder of the above paragraph. If a problem of basic inter-community civility persists, however, then banning can and will occur ... which will be for 1 day, 1 week, and then permanently if the previous two measures fail. We wish this to be a place of harmony and community, and so please remember to participate here in that spirit.

    Moreover, because this site also involves not just each other's intellectual property (articles/photographs), but also the chronicling and categorizing of biological specimens into a community Kingdom of Life, honesty and integrity are to be kept high here in addition to a harmonious climate. It simply makes things nicer for everybody. With honesty and integrity, there is no compromise here, and if any of the following happens it will result in a permanent ban on the first offense:

    • Posting others' images as one's own;
    • Posting pornographic or otherwise inappropriate images;
    • Intentionally Inventing/Misrepresenting the Identity of Any Species

    These rules should be easy for any well-meaning person and lover of nature to follow, and we hope that they are. There is no justification whatsoever of uploading another person's image(s) into your Image Gallery or onto the Kingdoms of Life, none. The is no justification whatsoever of claiming X species was "identified" by so-and-so, when in fact it was not. If you are not an expert, and cannot find an expert to positively identify any species, and our Forum Experts cannot either, then that animal needs to be labeled as not identified and cannot be entered into the Kingdoms (or at least only partially-identified to whatever level of certainty our experts feel comfortable with). Intentional copyrights violations, or intentional species misrepresentations, are unpardonable offenses for which any member in violation will be removed immediately.

    There may well be specimens that you, me, or anyone here feel really excited about finding/identifying, and that we really want to add to the Kingdoms, but (for whatever reason) they cannot be positively identified. We must all face the reality that, in order to keep the integrity of the data entered, there has to be quality control. We are all going to have to be satisfied with a Partial ID or a Not Identified status at times. (When one keeps in mind that many species of arthropod cannot possibly be identified without multiple angled images, underside views—or even microscopic dissection/examination—this shouldn't be too surprising.)

    Finally, we have to be somewhat selective in the quality of the images themselves that we allow onto the publicly-viewable Kingdoms of Life. While we don't expect everyone to be professional photographers, and can accept most any clear images submitted, please understand that muddy cell phone shots will not be allowed onto the Kingdoms. You can post any nature-related images you want to your own Private Galleries, but what we allow onto the community Kingdoms of Life has to be approved. Remember, this is an image-hosting resource, and there has to be some sense of quality-control to the communal images themselves that we allow to represent their subjects.

    We appreciate your taking the time to read and understand these rules, thank you.