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Thread: Introduction - Bob Noble

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    Introduction - Bob Noble

    I am an amateur photographer and birder from the Toronto area who is semi-retired from the I/T business (I only work when someone makes me!). This past year I got my first macro lens - a Tamron 90mm without vibration control - and have found that I enjoy getting closer to nature and slowing down to really see what is there. I currently use a Nikon D5100 and consider myself still figuring things out. For the most part I take most of my pictures behind my house in a local conservation area. It is amazing how much diversity there is in your own backyard. This last summer I seemed to spend a lot of time taking pictures of mushrooms, insects and spiders with a few flowers thrown in for good measure

    I am looking forward to seeing how this community grows. It provides a great resource to get identification assistance and to get information on techniques for both taking pictures and seeing nature.

    Let the adventure begin!

    Bob Noble
    Brampton Ontario

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    Indeed, Bob.

    And welcome
    ~ John Koerner

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