This is a pictorial story of a ragged male's attempt to procreate his genes on a seemingly-willing female ... California Patch (Chlosyne californica) which, unfortunately for the decrepit male, ends in rejection.
(All photographs taken on a Nikon D810 and a Nikkkor AF-S 300mm f/2.8G ED VR II lens, severely-cropped, shot at IS 320, f/8--except the last shot, which was shot at f/16.)
(All shots taken, in-situ, at Joshua Tree Natural Park, in 84° weather at approximately 4:00pm. No part of this sequence was staged or manipulated in any way.)

The female presents herself to the world

Really strutting her stuff

It doesn't take a dirty old man long to notice

He can't get enough ...

She is showing him all the good signs

He is ready to take her ...

Here I am baby, me and all my battle-scars

Wait a minute, honey, what happened? It gets bigger, I promise

Alone again ... there is not much more of me left

Hope you enjoyed!