After many years with Canon products, I have changed brands.

As such, I am selling my last Canon camera, the good ol' EOS 7D. (I had 2 of these, and this is the last one.)

I am also selling my last remaining Canon lens, the 10-22mm zoom, which has taken oodles of good shots for me as well.

The EOS 7D cost me $1,400 2 years ago, and still sells for $700 used at B&H.

The 10-22mm lens cost me $680, just over a year ago, and still sells for $550 used at B&H.

If you bought both of these items, used, at B&H it would cost you $1,250 ... but I will sell the pair for just $950 + shipping.

You can look through my gallery and see the thousands of great images the 7D has produced for me. Below are photos taken of both of these actual items, taken yesterday.

I have all original boxes, warranty cards, everything.

The 7D comes with an extra battery, an extra charger, and a RRS L-Bracket.

(The extra battery is $65, the extra battery charger is $52, and the L-Bracket is $140, by themselves. And the 10-22mm lens comes with a Vello Hood, an extra $10.)

That is $267 worth of FREE ACCESSORIES that come with the already great price on this combo

If you wish to purchase, send $950 + $15 shipping to Paypal ($965 total), using my email address of

USA Price, only.

Thank you

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