Golden Silk Spider ♂ + ♀ (Nephila clavipes)

Bark Jumping Spider ♂ (Platycryptus undatus)

Orchard Orb Spider ♀ (Leucauge argyra)

Orchard Orb Spider ♀ (Leucauge venusta)

Silver-Backed Argiope ♀ (Argiope florida)

Tropical Orb Web (Eriophora sp.) + Filmy Dome Web (Neriene radiata)

Green Lynx ♀ (Peucetia viridans)

All these images were taken 5 years ago, with my old Canon 7D + 180mm lens. I am going through older shots I took and loading them on my database (Had a lot more time to shoot back then!)

All images un-posed, un-staged single shots taken as found via natural light. Water droplets in last shots real, after light rain.

Comments and constructive criticisms welcome.

Thanks for looking,